Mediscan optimizes hospital processes by leveraging sensor based AI on a long range, ultra-secure IoT capable network, turning even the oldest infrastructure into a smart facility. With a strategic focus on patient flow, admissions processes, and cyber-physical security, Mediscan has developed an automated operational assistant, “ALICE,” that collects and interprets critical data autonomously so executives can make decisions in real-time. Mediscan simplifies data collection and analysis allowing staff to focus on patient care.

Data Security

Mediscan chairs and actively participates in global emergency response standard associations such as the PSTA. The data-security and secure medical information exchange standards we help create are adopted in all US states by various emergency responders and law-enforcement agencies.
This expert advisor role places us next to the top US chiefs, politicians and fortune 100 companies, we have been cleared to promote Mediscan as a solution to the secure data exchange issue.
Members include: AT&T, Axon, Bittium USA,Inc., Esri, JVCKENWOOD, Microsoft, RapidDeploy, Secured Communications, Softil, Sonim Technologies and Sprint.

Mediscan is HIPAA compliant and with both GDPR certified employees and compliant software Mediscan prevents its users from getting the infamously high data breach fine and ensures to keep its users private and secure.

With extensive internal and partner knowledge in the cybersecurity sector, precautions are taken to ensure that MEDISCAN always delivers security by design. With most of our code written in the highly secure and industry respected language RUST. Other well-known companies that use Rust in their tech stacks, including Dropbox, Sentry, and Postmates

“If our software had been written in Rust, 70% of all reported Microsoft security issues would have been eliminated”

- Microsoft Security



Chief Executive Officer

After graduating from Imperial College London. Anna-Luisa worked for a number of major Medtech companies in areas such as pharmaceutical asset tracking and has lead and consulted startups in biotech and the medical device market.


Chief Technology Officer

Matthew is considered a cyber security and advanced technologies expert, he has held many roles from red teaming to OpSec at the likes IKEA Group, IBM, Warner Bros and Orange Cyber Defence Center.
His security research has been picked up by the likes of the BBC, Vice, The Register, CNN and Fox News.


Chief MedTech Officer

Stewart has 20 years clinical experience in the NHS. and works as a Healthcare Strategy Consultant with a particular interest in emerging technologies.

Post MBA he gained experience working with a top consulting firm as well as with numerous health tech startups. Stewart writes for Forbes on healthcare and blockchain and
has an MSc in Digital Currencies.


Chief Marketing Officer

Valentina has been marketing and consulting in the areas of cyber-security and advanced technologies for the last decade. Valentina brings a broad range of security-related experience, from Industrial Systems to mobile software. As a GDPR certified body, her expertise covers data security and information governance, currently holding the position as DPO (Data Protection Officer).


Chief Communications Officer

Charles previously worked for the United States Senate where he worked with the healthcare legislation team under Senator Rob Portman. An accomplished public speaker within the disability healthcare rights community Charles is also certified in IT Infrastructure and Emerging Trends.