Assess cyber security risk.
Detect Data Leaks.
Prevent attacks.
Perform cyber risk mitigation.

The Atumcell scanner is a cloud-based tool for cyber risk assessment. Atumcell analyzes your publicly facing assets, information security practices and emerging threats in the context of your specific IT infrastructure or investment portfolio.

Atumcell exposes emerging threats before they cause harm.


The Hackers Perspective

To stop adversaries, you must first see the world through their eyes. Atumcell shows you what vulnerabilities they can see.


Cyber Risk Mitigation

Get clear instructions to remediate vulnerabilities and fix configuration problems.


Verify Fixes

Once a fix is implemented, Atumcell verifies that it has been done correctly.


David Williams

Co-founder | CEO

David Williams’ interest in computers and cyber security began at age 16, when as a summer intern at a Veterans Administration hospital he inadvertently crashed the DEC PDP 11/34 minicomputer by programming an infinite loop in MUMPS. After being confronted by an angry crew of IT staff who ran upstairs from the basement to investigate, he largely stuck to the business side of the equation.

He earned an undergraduate degree in economics from Wesleyan and an MBA from Harvard, then worked in North America, Europe, and Asia with The Boston Consulting Group and MedPharma Partners. He has decades of experience in healthcare technology, policy, and entrepreneurship and has chaired federal government panels focused on implementing health information technology. David is passionate about harnessing software to reduce drudgery and protect good people from those who would harm them.

Matthew Carr

Co-founder | Head of Research & Technology

Matthew Carr is an award-winning cybersecurity researcher and penetration tester who’s often called upon by government agencies and companies of all sizes to solve thorny security and privacy problems. He held senior positions in security at IKEA, IBM and SecureLink, where he built a strong base of real-world experience.

Mathew speaks at leading industry events, lectures on industrial and offensive security, and competes in legal, competitive hacking events (CTFs) against the big boys from Google, Microsoft and Tencent.

In recent years he led innovative and daring cyber security research projects that were featured by the BBC, The Register and Fox News, including print, radio and TV interviews. Matthew achieved top-50 VIP researcher status on open bug bounty and discovered two Zero-Day vulnerabilities, one of which affected national security.